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Welcome to the Brookeside Veterinary Hospital Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial
Our online Rainbow Bridge honors the memory of our pet companions we loved and still miss.
We Remember Lenny LENNY’S STORY - In July, 2011, we adopted a very large yellow lab with a noble head, big sad brown eyes, and long soft ears that flopped wildly when he galloped. Lenny charmed us with his gentlemanly ways and “helicopter” tail. He lived for attention and company, and would ask for “cuddles” with a huge but gentle paw to the nearest knee. From July through December we had early walks and long days together; and we expected many more. But in January, 2012, Lenny developed lymphoma. For a couple of weeks he responded to treatment; then remission failed. His strength faded fast into difficulty and pain, and by mid-February we knew we must let him go. Lenny died calmly and quietly, with his beautiful great head in my lap. Handsome, loving, gallant Lenny was only eight and a half years old when he left us on February 16, 2012. We had had just six months to give him family and love and fun, and then scarcely a month just to make him comfortable, when he deserved so much more. The time Lenny didn’t have is only a fraction of the years he’ll still be a “forever” dog for us. Our thanks to Jan Geddes for sharing this beautiful memorial tribute.
We Remember Jasmine Jasmine was a great friend and companion. When we rescued her, we didn't know what a treasure we had found. She was a great friend to us and a wonderful playmate to our kids. She will be forever missed. Thank you to Brookeside for all your wonderful care.   Jasmine, you will be forever missed. The Bussell Family
We Remember Worf Our magnificent Worf was a year-old shelter dog, mostly Malamute, when he adopted us in 1997.  My daughter named him for the “Star Trek” Klingon officer: formidable on the outside, all marshmallow within. He had a subtle but definite clownish side, and often made us laugh. He was never a lap dog, never begged for attention, but he liked being talked to and having his ears tousled. He loved snow, "walkies", cats, other dogs, and treats and more treats. He looked big and fierce, and he could be stubborn, but in thirteen years we never heard him growl, let alone snap. He was sweet-tempered with everyone he met, and in his final frail year still patient, cheerful and so very trusting. Worf was fourteen years old when he died in his sleep the night of January 24, 2010. Our thanks to Jan Geddes for this memorial tribute
We Remember Sissy Sissy was born the runt of 6. She was going to go to the shelter. When our daughter asked to bring her home. She was with our family for 14 years. She was a loving and independent cat. She is missed very much. We would like to thank everyone at Brookeside for all the wonderful care. Our thanks to Sissy's family for this memorial tribute
We Remember Bambina We adopted Bambina was she was just a few weeks old. Since then, she became our partner and constant presence. She brought us a lot of happiness and love to our entire family.  She was a brave dog and, just like a cat, we used to play that she had 7 lives. She had problems with her back, her heart, and broken legs, but she just left us after 15 years of intense life, because of an intestinal problem. Special thanks for the very competent team of professionals from Brookeside Veterinary Hospital, that always took care of her with a lot of love and kindness. Bambina is our flower that will always be missed, but she will forever be in our hearts as the best dog ever. Again, special thanks to the Doctors and the staff from Brookeside. We appreciate how nice you took care of our Bambina.   Bambina, we love you. The Oricchio Family
We Remember Juno  My Juno first made her appearance on October 1998 in Lansing. She was a stray dog, and had just been hit by a car. She was laying stunned in the yard of the house where my girlfriend Lara lived.  Lara took a chance and leashed her, then took her to MSU's emergency vet. After seeing that she was still intact, MSU had to turn her in, a stray dog, to Animal Control. Due to her Chow mix, however, they could only keep her for 10 days unless either her owner or Lara claimed her.  As 10 days drew near, no owner appeared. To save her from being put to sleep, we brought her to my house planning to find someone who would take her. But Juno won me over. When people responded to my postings, by that time I had decided I was keeping her. What a sweet and wonderful dog she proved to be.  She made my day every day, and was a true dear beloved friend. After a 6 month battle with hemangiosarcoma, she went back to her Creator on Friday October 9, 2009. I thank God and St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals, for letting me have these 11 years with Juno, and I now turn her back to her true Owner. Thanks also to the wonderful staff at Brookeside for helping me take care of my Juno.   Our thanks to Dan Sanchez for this memorial tribute
We Remember Bella I adopted Bella when she was 2 years old. During her 10 years with me she filled my home with enough love to last me the next 10 years. My "gentle giant" shall be missed, but she will always remain in my heart.   Our thanks to Lew Towler for this memorial tribute
We Remember Nick To Nick, From the little ball of fur found on the front lawn 17 years ago to the great and beautiful cat you became. Always coming home from your worldly explorations, you were the best companion anyone could have had. Your raccoon tail aquiver with life was expressive till the end. You are in my heart forever. Love Mom, Barb Higman
We Remember Sabrina For us there will never again be such a perfect pet. Sabrina looked like she was supposed to wear pearls and everyone who met her called her "Princess". She loved food and walked around puddles. That did not keep her from running after squirrels and deer in our yard. Sabrina loved her family and was reserved and polite to strangers, just like a Sheltie is supposed to be. She was the sweetest dog EVER! Our thanks to The Dahm Family for this memorial tribute.
We Remember Casey Our sweet Sheltie, Casey, was born the runt of the litter in 1995 and had to be fed with an eyedropper. We were so happy to adopt him into our family. Curious and intelligent, he quickly learned how to wrap us around his "paw". We delighted in his company and his Sheltie antics – barking at passing dogs, chasing flashlights, exuberantly running laps inside the house, or patrolling Grandma's backyard ensuring it was safe from squirrels. His cat like tendencies to rub up against us or jump on our laps (often expecting a doggy massage) were especially endearing. He had the perpetual puppy face that was hard to say "no" to. Sadly, Casey went on to a better place January 28, 2009. We thank all the staff at Brookeside for their loving and skillful care. Our thanks to the The Wolters Family for this memorial tribute.
We Remember Dusty Dusty Furball (March 2007- September 2008) Dusty left this world too soon.  He was the perfect pet for someone who was not used to loving and taking care of another creature.  He was sweet and shy at first, but soon he owned me...I could not resist! I will miss him waking me up in the morning and chastising me when I came home late.  I will miss finding a surprise under the bed and a knock on my shower door.  I will miss fighting for a space in the bed and a seat on the toilet.  His sensitivity and tendency to hide in less than desirable places lead to his demise, but all I can say is that he was DUSTY until the very end!
We Remember Tiger “Tiger”, 11 years old, left this world on September 15, 2006, after losing a battle with liver disease from an unknown cause. She is survived by her two favorite human companions, Bruce and Lela Fuester, and their family. Tiger will be greatly missed for her companionship, though she didn't always show it to everyone. You might even say that she was born with an attitude and she knew how to use it, and she would never hesitate to let anybody know that I was hers. Tiger would always be at the door waiting for me when I got home from work, but now she will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, ever watchful and ever patient. I love you and will always miss you Tiger. "I'll see you later, Tiger. You behave yourself..." Our thanks to Bruce & Lela Fuester for Tiger's Memorial
We Remember Dinah Dinah Moe Hum 1992-2004 Dinah was always there for me when I needed her. I grew up with her by my side. Dinah helped my through some hard times in my life. Dinah and I were inseparable when I was growing up. When I would cry she would come running to comfort me. Sometimes I think she even know what I was feeling and thinking. I have never had a cat like her, and I don't think any other cat will compare to her. Dinah got sick and that is when I knew it was time to say goodbye. She will always be in my heart. I will never forget her. I love you Dinah. Our thanks to Tamara Keat for Dinah's Memorial
We Remember Spike For those of you that came into Brookeside / Brookedale and noticed my baby laying behind the reception desk, he'll be there no more. I lost Spike on August 20, 2006 at the grand old age of 14 years. He was my going to work buddy as well as my constant companion. I hardly ever went anywhere without him. He never met another animal he didn't get along with either cat or dog. He was my "Butt sniffer" (when it came to the house cats), my Wiggle Butt Mutt, and last but not least Mama's Four-Legger. I shall mourn for him. My husband and I have a void in the household at home. I know God willing I shall see him again. Rest in Peace Four-Legger.  Anna Hoeman
We Remember Chewbacca Chewbacca, (a.k.a. Chewy or Chew-Chew), was born in a parking lot in Denver in 1993.  My Secretary, Sylvia, talked me into taking home the only male puppy. We had many happy days hiking the mountain trails. Chewy loved playing in that fresh Colorado powder snow! We came back to Ann Arbor in 1996 and discovered Brookeside through a friend's recommendation. Unfortunately, he developed a malignant oral tumor last summer.  Treatment provided palliative benefits, but I lost him January 20, 2006.  He is now "running with the wolves" at the Rainbow Bridge. He was a great dog, and I am thankful not only for his unconditional love, but the many  wonderful people I met because of him.  I miss him so much! Our thanks to Jerry Lohmeyer for Chewbacca's memorial
We Remember Remy Remy was our friend and companion and we will miss her more than we can say. We are so pleased to have had such good care for her at Brookeside - smiles all around. Thank you for her health through her 12 years and especially for your kindness at her end. Our thanks to Dr. Richard & Jane Dorr for Remy's memorial
We Remember Murphie Harrison This is "Murphie", the constant companion and travel buddy of Ms. Joan Harrison. Murphie was the favorite pet in her neighborhood and on each of her walks, everyone that passed knew Murphie. Being small in stature but big in heart, Murphie loved everyone and only shook when visiting the vet! Murphie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge due to medical ailments. There will never be another dog like her. She will be missed by those around her, and especially by her loving Mom, Joan, who will miss her most of all.
We Remember Levi Alexander Szedenits Levi Alexander Szedenits 1991(2) ~ August 14, 2005 We adopted Levi from a Bouvier rescue in August 1995. He had been running on his own, leaving the poor boy emaciated and not very trusting. As he filled out, he realized that we were going to be his home forever, and he gave us so much love over the last ten years. Levi had some health struggles in the last few years. We were happy to drive him up to Michigan State or multiple area clinics, to help him feel better. Levi did enjoy life with puppyish enthusiasm after all his various treatments, until last month, when he let us know that he was ready to cross the "Rainbow Bridge". Levi will be missed by his parents, Margaret & Gene Szedenits, Jr.
We Remember Cleopatra July 1985 ~ February, 2005 Cleopatra belonged to our own Adira, who is one of our Veterinary Assistants here at Brookeside Veterinary Hospital. For 20 years Cleopatra was a beloved member of Adira's family, and she will be missed.
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